Frequently Asked Questions

AquaBlok is here to help. If you’re unable to find the answer to your question, please contact us.

What is AquaBlok?

AquaBlok is a bentonite-coated composite particle aggregate that looks and handles like small stones or pea gravel. It is used in a wide range of sealing applications, such as anti-seep collars, cut-off walls, pond construction and repair, and more. It forms a very low-permeability ‘seal’ when exposed to water. AquaBlok is available in both freshwater- and saltwater-compatible formulations. To learn more, please visit What is AquaBlok?

Where can I buy AquaBlok?

AquaBlok, Ltd. has more than 100 distributors across the United States and Canada. To find one in your area, visit the Find a Distributor Map

How much AquaBlok do I need to seal my pond?

AquaBlok provides Material Quantity Calculators to determine approximately how much material is needed for your specific application. To calculate the quantity of material required for some common applications, visit Material Calculators.

As an example, for pond construction or repair, the thickness of the AquaBlok layer is determined by water depth. Generally, a 1in layer of AquaBlok is enough to seal a 1ft-10ft deep pond; a 2in layer is sufficient for a pond that is 11ft-20ft deep.

However, as with all applications (e.g., anti-seep collars and cut-off walls), project-specific factors determine the amount of AquaBlok needed. If you have questions, contact the nearest distributor.

Do I need to drain my pond before using AquaBlok?

No. AquaBlok has been designed for placement through the water or in wet conditions that would otherwise make the use of traditional soil/bentonite mixtures difficult or impossible. AquaBlok requires no compaction to achieve a low-permeability seal. However, other site-specific factors may come into play, so feel free to contact AquaBlok.

Is it safe to use AquaBlok when there are fish in the pond?

Yes. While AquaBlok cannot guarantee that no fish will be harmed during placement of the material through the water, in many pond applications, little or no observed losses of fish have occurred.

Once hydrated, how much does AquaBlok swell?

A 1in layer of AquaBlok can swell up to 2in, depending on confining conditions. However, this is not a linear process due to the compaction of the stone. For example, a 2in layer will swell to around 3 ½in.  When used in a trench or other confined area, no expansion due to swell should be expected.

Does AquaBlok harden like concrete?

After hydration and expansion, AquaBlok remains pliable and plastic. It does not set or harden, like concrete.

Will AquaBlok’s swell pressure effect a pipe?

Typically, no depending on other factors, such as pipe wall strength, other overburden loads, etc. The swell pressure of AquaBlok is not high enough to damage typical HDPE or other common piping materials (e.g. steel, PVC, vitrified clay, concrete, etc.).

How thick does my trench dam need to be?

A 6in layer of hydrated AquaBlok will provide a hydraulic conductivity of 5x10⁻⁸ cm/sec or lower. Therefore, a trench can be as narrow as the construction equipment being used will allow. Most trench dams are a minimum of 18in in thickness; however, AquaBlok has provided guidelines and Material Calculators to approximate quantity of AquaBlok needed for a variety of configurations. 

Do I need to hydrate the AquaBlok after it’s installed?

In order for AquaBlok’s bentonite coating to swell and create a low-permeability seal, the material needs to be initially hydrated. This can be accomplished in several ways: applying water directly to the material, dropping it through a water column, or backfilling and letting groundwater naturally hydrate it.

What size packaging is AquaBlok available in?

AquaBlok is available in 50lb bags (48 per pallet) and 2400lb Super Sacks (18 per truck load). For projects of significant size, AquaBlok can mobilize and run production on or near the project site in order to save on freight costs. To discuss possible on-site production, please contact AquaBlok. For more information on AquaBlok’s packaging options, click here.

How much AquaBlok is there in a cubic yard?

AquaBlok recommends using 85lb per cubic foot as an estimating standard. Based on this, there are approximately 2,300 pounds of AquaBlok in a cubic yard.