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AquaBlok 2080FW is a bentonite-based sealing material for use in freshwater settings. Easier and faster handling and installation.

AquaBlok® for Freshwater Settings 

AquaBlok 2080FW 

This is a bentonite-based sealing material designed for use in freshwater settings. It provides uniform delivery of powdered sodium bentonite directly through a water column, in saturated settings (e.g. below groundwater table), or where mechanical compaction is difficult or not possible. It will provide a low-permeability (hydraulic conductivity of 5x10-8 cm/sec) seal when hydrated. Resembling small stones, a major benefit of AquaBlok 2080FW is ease and speed of handling and installation.

AquaBlok 2080FW Spec Sheet

AquaBlok 3070SQ is a formulation of bentonite-based sealing material for saltwater settings.

AquaBlok for Marine Settings

AquaBlok 3070SW

A saltwater-compatible formulation of AquaBlok’s bentonite-based sealing material is also available for applications where water with salinity in the range of 12-35ppt will hydrate the product. By including attapulgite clay to the material’s powdered sodium bentonite coating, the material will achieve low-permeability (hydraulic conductivity in the range of 5x10-6 cm/sec) without mechanical compaction. If placed beneath an armor layer or other vertical load, lower long-term permeabilities can be achieved. The SW formulation is not as cohesive as the FW formulation and often requires an armor or erosion protection layer, if exposed to flow or moving water.

AquaBlok 3070SW Spec Sheet

Other AquaBlok products are designed for well sealing, dams, and other applications.

Other AquaBlok Products

AquaBlok also provides a range of material formulations to address other applications and settings, such as well sealing, levees and dams, and more. For more information on these products and applications, please contact AquaBlok.